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Immediate Crisis for Trump Team: Sue all the major cities in the contested states and demand that the Boards of Elections prove that the mail-in ballots they’ve been opening since Election Night at midnight are from the voters, and not from the DNC or somewhere else. They won’t be able to prove this. — PROBLEM: Three mega-vendors: ES&S, Hart and Dominion have been hired by 3000 of our 3141 counties and illegally count over 95% of America’s ballots on their easily-rigged, privately owned, secret computer programs. (See VerfiedVoting.org, a website erected by academics from MIT, Stanford, etc.) — SOLUTION: Three Supreme Court Decisions have ruled clearly and emphatically that your right to vote consists of TWO parts: 1) the Right to cast a ballot; 2) the Right to KNOW that your vote was counted accurately. This “right to know” has been taken away from the American people in 99% of the counties, and that’s what makes computerized vote “counting” illegal. — ONLY ANSWER: Paper Ballots, Counted in Public by hand by neighborhood voters, BEFORE the ballots leave the public’s sight! — ACTION FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP, THIS IS WHAT THE DEEP STATE FEARS MOST: You need to state, in a public press conference, that: “We are going to investigate the three mega-election vendors that count 95%+ of America’s ballots on their privately-owned, secret computer programs. These election vendors are HART, DOMINION and ES&S. The fake news media has hidden the existence of these companies from the American people for many years. 3,000 of our USA counties disgracefully hire these election vendors. If I were Sherlock Holmes or Columbo, the first thing I would want to know is… WHO ARE THESE THREE COMPANIES? And we’re gonna find out.”

Relevant excerpts from THE HILL’s article of 01/09/20:

“The CEOs of the three biggest U.S. voting equipment manufacturers will testify before the House Administration Committee on Thursday, marking the first election security hearing of 2020.

“The presidents and CEOs of Dominion Voting Systems, Hart InterCivic and Election Systems and Software (ES&S) are all scheduled to appear.

“These three companies are estimated to control more 90 percent of the voting equipment market in the U.S., according to a report put out by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Public Policy Initiative.

“It voiced particular concerns with “direct-recording electronic” machines, which do not print out a paper copy of a voter’s vote.

“A 2019 report on findings from the annual DEF CON Voting Village, where hackers attempt to break into voting machines, found new vulnerabilities. The report said participants “were able to find new ways” to compromise “every one of the devices in the room in ways that could alter stored vote tallies, change ballots displayed to voters, or alter the internal software that controls the machines.” READ MORE by clicking HERE.

RealClearPolitics Does Not have Biden Winning Pennsylvania or Presidency, Yet


Listen to Sidney Powell’s shocking statements from the Sunday Morning Futures show with Maria Bartiroma (Fox), who also talks about the ownership of one of these election mega-vendors, namely Dominion Voting Systems:

Maria Bartiromo states: “I’ve also seen reports that Nancy Pelosi’s longtime Chief of Staff is a key executive of that company. Richard Blum, Senator Feinstein’s husband is a significant shareholder of this company.”

So Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum of Blum Capital, is a significant shareholder of Dominion, along with Nancy Pelosi’s long-time chief of staff?

We need to find out if Maria Bartiromo is talking about Terri McCullough, Nancy Pelosi’s current Chief of Staff since March of 2019. McCullough was also the Chief of Staff for the U.S. House of Representatives from Jan 2003 – Sep 2011 according to her LinkedIn profile.

According to some reports, Blum owns anywhere between 10% – 60% of Avid Technologies, the business that owns the (Dominion?) software. Below is an image of SEC Form 4 showing Blum’s interest in Avid Technologies, which was posted on Nov 6, 2020 on Twitter by #Stop The Steal Matthew Bove.

What we think we know now about the leadership of these companies:

Tom Burt, President and CEO of ES&S (Election Systems and Software)
John Poulous, CEO of Dominion Voting Systems
Julie Mathis, CEO of Hart InterCivic

Dominion Voting Systems was also working with the Clinton Foundation on their Global Initiative – The DELIAN Project: Democracy through Technology. According to some reports, Clinton’s Dominion-trained workers were involved in the 2020 election.

In 2014, Dominion Voting committed to providing emerging and post-conflict democracies with access to voting technology through its philanthropic support to the DELIAN Project, as many emerging democracies suffer from post-electoral violence due to the delay in the publishing of election results… read more by clicking HERE.

The software used to tabulate votes in one Michigan county sent at least 6,000 Trump votes to Democratic challenger Joe Biden, the state’s GOP Chairwoman Lura Cox revealed at a press conference Friday, November 6, 2020.

Biden initially led Michigan’s Antrim County by 3,000 votes – then Trump won by 2,500 after the glitch was fixed.

This same tabulating software was used in 47 other counties, Cox said.

Daniel McAdams, with the Ron Paul Liberty Report, reported on their show on November 9, 2020 that this same software appears to have been used in up to 30 other states!

November 5, 2019 – The infamous CNN LIVE Vote Flip: The CNN clip initially shows Democrat Andy Beshear with 49.4% of votes (673,948) and Republican Matt Bevin, who had 48.6% of the votes (662,235). These results are both featured in a golden square and in a banner on the bottom of the screen.

A voice over then claims to show a moment (at 3:12) in which “560 votes” were taken from Bevin and given to Beshear. “This is vote switching in the computer and by the way between the 560 gain and 560 loss you have just seen 25% of the loss amount of this race happen in front of your very eyes”.


To our knowledge CNN has not refuted the authenticity of this video clip, see Reutuer’s information below.

CNN did not immediately respond to Reuters request for comment on the authenticity of the clip. Reuters was unable to find a full version of this 2019 Kentucky gubernatorial race segment, but subtitles visible in black on these Facebook videos do appear to match to a transcript from Nov. 5, 2019

20,000 Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballots have Impossible Return Dates

20,000 Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballots have Impossible Return Dates – powered by ise.media

James O’Keefe with Project Veritas Exposing Michigan vote fraud via a whistleblower at the USPS.

USPS Whistleblower details directives from Superiors: Back-Date Late Mail-In-Ballots As Received November 3rd, 2020 So They Are Accepted “Separate them from standard letter mail so they can hand stamp them with YESTERDAY’S DATE & put them through” in order to circumvent Michigan law that stated that all legal ballots must come in by election day.

O’Keefe calls the supervisor in question, Barlow Branch Post Office Supervisor Johnathon Clarke, but Clarke immediately hangs up on O’Keefe.

Google reviews already reflect citizen outrage over this Post office in Garfield Township, Michigan, 1756 Barlow St, Traverse City, MI 49686, (800) 275-8777

Texas Election Fraud by James O’Keefe, Project Veritas… Political consultant Raquel Rodriguez boasts on hidden camera of buying votes for Joe Biden and a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate

Watch more great video reports by Project Veritas at their website by clicking HERE or on their YouTube channel HERE.

EXCLUSIVE! Possible Voter Fraud In Michigan? Lawyer Captures Video! | Louder With Crowder

An on-the-ground lawyer captures exclusive video-shenanigans in Detroit… right at the exact time Michigan said they would stop counting. What are the odds of that?

Ballots being brought in AFTER they said they shut down counting in Michigan. This is in Detroit, Michigan. Purportedly, one hour later, they said Biden was in the lead.

If this video is removed from YouTube, CLICK HERE to watch on our site




Posted by Donald Trump Jr.  November 11, 2020

Wow: The Truth About The Vote Count Will SHOCK You (Arizona)
This video is insane. It’s almost hard to believe it’s happening.

Melody Robbins – Posted on Facebook Nov 5, 2020

Looks like a ballot worker is filling out all the ballots herself?

Melody Robbins – Posted on Facebook Nov 5, 2020

This ballot worker is flipping ballots off and then crumbling them up and throwing in them in the garbage?

Melody Robbins – Posted on Facebook Nov 5, 2020

These masked men are collecting bags and bags of ballots after the state had been called… unfortunately I don’t know which state this is.

Connie Johnson – Posted on Facebook Nov 4, 2020 4:06pm

Connie Johnson reporting from Wayne County Michigan

Delaware County Pennsylvania – Poll workers filling out multiple ballots

Democracy at Stake: Sidney Powell and Tom Fitton discuss the potential for nationwide voter irregularities & whether state legislatures and courts will uphold the rule of law. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs

The RonPaulLibertyReport with Dr. Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams. They are covering this issue everyday, so check back with them.

Chaos! Mystery Votes Cast Doubt On US Election

Streamed live on Nov 4, 2020 • RonPaulLibertyReport 256K subscribers

The introduction and legalization of “ballot harvesting,” where operatives can collect and submit boxes of ballots without proof of identity, has thrown a huge monkey wrench into last night’s presidential vote tally. States are wavering wildly as hundreds of thousands of votes are suddenly “discovered.” Hillary Clinton’s former lawyer is behind the mass legalization of this questionable process. Is this the worst run election in US history?

Election 2020: Mob Rule Has Arrived

Streamed live on Nov 5, 2020 • RonPaulLibertyReport 258K subscribers

With the election results still in limbo two days after the vote was held, and widespread charges of vote fraud, America faces a crisis of confidence in the electoral system that is on the verge of unleashing the mob onto the streets. A delegitimized occupant in the presidency is not the worst thing from a libertarian perspective, but the mob gathering steam is a danger to all. How will it all play out?

This WILL be brought to the Supreme Court | Tom Fitton

Newsmax TV 571K subscribers


Paul Craig Roberts • Institute for Political Economy

A Stolen Election?

Paul Craig Roberts (Good election fraud coverage, so check back to this source)

When I turned in last night, President Trump had comfortable leads, considering the amount of votes counted, in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.I had noticed and was puzzled by the halt to reporting of voting in these states.It did not seem to me, based on previous elections, that Trump’s margins could be overcome by the few votes remaining to be counted.I assumed Trump had won…. read more at the source HERE

More Recently Published Articles by Paul Craig Roberts

ON BEHALF OF PROFESSOR MARK CRISPIN MILLER – Maybe that Michigan “vote dump” wasn’t really debunked after all

Sent: Friday, November 6, 2020 12:36 PM

Detailed as it is, the fact-check by USA Today does not square with the BBC’s fact-check, which calls the vote dump a “data entry error” (as opposed to a “reporting error”); nor does it address the fact that Trump’s lead in Michigan, which the vote dump erased, was not restored after the correction of that “error” (whatever kind it was).

These points were raised by Paul Craig Roberts, so it’s appropriate to
quote him:
The BBC claims this was a “data entry error” that was corrected. The “data entry error” was not corrected, if it was, until it became an issue.
How does the BBC know that the sudden jump in votes for Biden wasn’t fraud that when exposed was explained away by crooked officials as a “data entry error.”
Note also that the exact same thing occurred in neighboring Wisconsin at about the same time. So we had two simultaneous “data entry errors” in two critical contested states that wiped out Trump’s lead? How likely is that?
Note also that correcting the “data entry error” did not result in the reappearance of Trump’s lead. So how was the error corrected?
It is, of course, unlikely that these subtle observations will be heard amid the propaganda hurricane now raging—and which, therefore, will likely have exactly the effect that it was (geo)engineered to have: Biden/Harris’ installment in the White House. But those of us who care about such things as fair elections, and the truth, are obligated to make these points anyway, and to keep studying what really happened on Election Night.

Erik Olsen on Facebook – reposted by News from Underground

✅ Fairfax Virginia has switched 100,000 votes from Trump to Biden stating a “clerical error”
✅ Wisconsin discovers over 112k Biden ballots between 3:30 am and 4:30 am
✅ Nevada has decided they won’t have all vote counts in until Thursday
✅ Michigan has gained 138.339 ballots for Biden since they stopped counting last night. A whopping zero for Trump
✅ 6 states trump has sizable leads, all six states decided to stop counting ballots on election night (unheard of) and they all have blue strong holds
✅ Jack from Twitter deletes the current sitting presidents tweet on election night. Glaringly obvious election interference
✅ LeeJoe, who was running for district 16 senate seat in Idaho and stated so on his account profile, gets his account deleted from Facebook not once but twice. Another example of a glaringly obvious election interference.
✅ North Carolina has 100% of precincts counted with Trump in the clear lead and it’s not being called.

You don’t think we are watching a live coup happen? They aren’t very good at hiding it, it’s incredibly obvious to a logical person. The media told us ahead of time that they, and only they, will decide who won.

Support News from Underground: https://bit.ly/NFUSupport

Visit News from Underground: https://markcrispinmiller.com

Brian McCafferty (sp?) Registered Democrat in the city of Philadelphia, PA


BREAKING: “Project Hammer” aka “Operation Scorecard” CIA-run vote theft software was running in EVERY swing state… “glitches” switched votes from Trump to Biden


“…The same vote rigging software is used in every swing state

Now, we are learning from The Gateway Pundit that this same software was used in all swing states, including PA, GA, NV, MI, WI, AZ and MN.

The software is ominously named “Dominion.” The project to deploy this software is called both “Project Hammer” and “Operation Scorecard.”

As TGP reports:

Dominion Software is used in 47 US states including ALL OF THE BATTLEGROUND STATES.

The Dominion software “glitch” ONLY took votes from President Trump and Republicans.

Dominion is used in 30 different states.

Dominion is used in EVERY SWING STATE!

Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania

And NUMEROUS COUNTIES in Georgia also used the software!!

This is turning into a MASSIVE scandal!

Read the rest of the article at Natural News by clicking HERE

Take the below information with a grain of salt and do your own research to confirm this information.

You can see the entire report at INFOWARS by clicking HERE

You can see the entire report at INFOWARS by clicking HERE

Infowars guest and intelligence expert Steve Pieczenik broke bombshell news during Thursday’s broadcast of War Room with Owen Shroyer.

According to Pieczenik, President Trump assumed Democrat tomfoolery would be needed to prevent him from securing a second term via the 2020 election.

In order to ensure the election remained fair, POTUS devised an advanced trap.

Hidden, trackable watermarks were allegedly put onto ballots so they could be verified if necessary.

“This is really a sting operation, contrary to what everyone else said,” Pieczenik explained. “We watermarked every ballot with QFS blockchain encryption code. In other words, we know pretty well where every ballot is, where it went and who has it, so this is not a stolen election.”

Steve also said President Trump has been out of the spotlight of the media over the past few days in order to let the Deep State dig its own grave, politically… read more at the source by clicking HERE.



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