The Solution to Elections via Election Integrity

See Below the “Action” Section for the Guidelines for How to Cure the USA Election System


* * * ACTION: People are asking: “What can we do?”

ANSWER: To ORGANIZE to take back the nation, county by county, via the Precinct Strategy, go to, watch the six minute video, “There is a Plan” (also on youtube), and then sign up by your state and county, meet other like-minded on line, then meet in person in your own county, then organize and replace the major party chairmen in your county, restore hand-counted ballots counted BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight, then nominate Election Integrity Congressmen, change the congress, and take back the county. It’s an entire, well thought out strategy, but hardly anyone knows about it or understands it. The Precinct Strategy would take about 40 hours per year for participation by the everyday person who decides to run for precinct captain, or support someone in their neighborhood who is running for precinct captain* * * 

Guidelines for how to cure the USA Election System

Throw all the computers and machines OUT, OUT, OUT. The developer of the first personal computer, Adam Osborne, said in his 1979 book, “Running Wild” that computers are great but must NEVER be used in elections because no one can see what’s happening inside a computer.

The answer has these elements:

a) Easily read Paper Ballots.

b) Counted at the neighborhood polling place BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight.

Without these two elements, you do NOT have a verifiable election. Once the ballots are taken out of the public sight, even for a few minutes, then the chain of evidence has been broken, and we don’t know if the ballots which re-emerge are the same ballots that disappeared for a while, i.e., in that case we don’t know if our votes have been counted accurately, as the US Supreme Court has mandated in three separate decisions (see menu tab on these Supreme Court decisions).


In this modern technological age we in which we find ourselves, the following should be done:

  1. There are about 240,000 neighborhood precincts where people vote; some of the precincts vote at the same place, such as the people from five different precincts all vote at the White Oak Senior Center in a suburb right outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. ABOUT 60,000 to 100,000 new buildings dedicated to voting and COUNTING THE VOTES on election day must be built.
  2. A month before each election, about 12 voting citizens from each neighborhood precinct would be randomly selected (from names in a hat, or some other easily understood method) to be the scrutineers, or vote-counters, on election night in their own neighborhood precincts.
  3. Enough citizens would be selected so that each team of two would count about 50 ballots. Some extra citizens would be selected to stand by in case one of the designated scrutineers got sick.
  4. Each of the randomly selected, pre-designated scrutineers would receive $100 for counting the 50 ballots assigned to them.
  5. At closing time the ballots are dumped out on the table by the designated polling place judges and distributed to the scrutineers.
  6. There are cameras in the ceiling of these new election buildings, and they are each filming down on the designated spot for each ballot to be placed on the table as it is counted. This camera records the images for posterity, not to be destroyed, AND throws the image of what is happening with each team of 2 scrutineers onto a big screen so that anyone from the public who has come to the polling place to observe can see what is happening in real time, AND the cameras stream out over the internet what is happening in REAL TIME so that anyone from anywhere in the world can observe from their home whatever precinct count they wish to see. The pictures and films would be kept for decades so that anyone could check the election at later dates. Cameras would also be recording the election space from enough angles to make sure that no one tampers with the ballot box, or the ballots themselves.
  7. Also, some members of the public can watch each team of scrutineers at close range, without disrupting, of course.
  8. The cost to pay fresh scrutineers at closing time would be about $800 million a year, less than the 3000+ counties now pay the Big Three Election Vendors (ES &S, Hart, Dominion) to run secret and illegal computerized elections. (!!!!) Whatever it takes we HAVE to have fair and honest and transparent elections, even if ALL foreign aid must be discontinued. Honest, transparent elections are our nation’s safeguard against “domestic enemies” of all kinds, as referred to in the US Constitution.
  9. The results are posted on the wall at the neighborhood polling place immediately after the counting is finished, after being signed by each team of scutineers and the polling place election judges.
  10. Candidates and parties and citizens should then check at the Board of Elections county headquarters, and at the Secretary of State state headquarters, to make sure that each Board of Elections and each Secretary of State has added up the neighborhood polling results accurately.
  11. The late Jim Collier, author of “Votescam: The Stealing of America” wanted to see a place in each neighborhood precinct reserved for high School Seniors and college students so, as scrutineers, the next generation would be trained as to how an election SHOULD be conducted.
  12. Right before Presidential Election Day 2016, former GOP contender Ben Carson said on national TV (paraphrase), “We put a spaceship on the moon and have a lot of other wonderful advancements, we could count votes accurately IF WE WANTED TO.” ———— Of course, Ben Carson and WE want to count the votes accurately — it’s the Election Night Gatekeepers that do not want us to do so. 

    Early Voting and Mail in Ballots eliminated: Of course, all mail-in ballots and early voting would be eliminated, as these absurd practices demand that ballots disappear from the public for days to weeks before they are counted, leaving plenty of time to alter or replace ballots.

Registration, 30 days in advance: Every voter must register to vote 30 days in advance of election day. Each county Board of Elections would then mail out a postcard to every registered voter, as in days of old. Any postcards that came back as undeliverable would disqualify that voter, although the voter could dispute that and vote on election day in a provisional ballot so that the Board of Elections could verify one way or the other that a mistake was not made.

Absentee ballots: Absentee ballots, like mail-in ballots, are a very dangerous part of the election process and must be supervised properly. Absentee ballots have long provided an opportunity for insiders at the county level to commit massive fraud. Each county would have a committee of investigators to make sure each person asking for an absentee ballot was in reality sick, or traveling outside the district. This would be a serious, well-funded committee in each county. All absentee ballots would be mailed to a central address in each county, placed by a mailman in a large, bullet-proof glass oblong encasement, guarded by a national guardsman or appointed person, as well as any members of the public who wish to be present, AND the scene would be streamed over the internet until the mail was opened at closing time on election night and the ballots counted like one big precinct in public before the ballots left the public sight. The absentee ballots would be treated like one precinct.